Shimano cassette sprocket CS-M9101-12 rataspakka

Shimano cassette sprocket CS-M9101-12 rataspakka

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The revised XTR CS-M9101 12-speed cassette by SHIMANO offers a balanced gear ratio. In addition, it also impresses with sprocket sizes of 10 to 51 teeth, resulting in a 510% gear ratio!

This huge range of gears is especially appreciated by enduro pilots, since it allows them to master steep climbs and fast sections at high speeds and adjusted pedal frequency. Those who prefer particularly small gear steps for XC and Marathon can go for the lighter 10-45 version. Here, the gaps between the gears are still small for smooth shifting. This keeps rhythm and pedalling frequency at a constant level for maximum propulsion with less effort.

Optimised shifting speed without chain slap caused by larger gear steps is another advantage of the Hyperglide+ cassette. To make room for the small 10-speed sprocket, the XTR CS-M9101 cassette uses a SHIMANO MICRO SPLINE freewheel.

• For precise and smooth shifting on every terrain
• 510% range - large 12-speed range of gears
• BEAM SPIDER construction reduces the weight and increases stiffness
• Shift pins with HYPERGLIDE+ Technology ensure speedy and pleasant shifting
• Combination of 5 titanium sprockets, 3 aluminium sprockets and 4 steel sprockets for a low weight and high durability

Technical details:
• Intended use: MTB
• Series: XTR
• Model: CS-M9101-12
• Material: titanium, aluminium, steel (nickel-plated)
• Compatible freehub bodies: SHIMANO MICRO SPLINE
• Gear steps: 12-speed
• Recommended chains: SHIMANO 12-speed HG+
• Weight: approx. 357 g (10-45 teeth)

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